Welcome to the web-site of Ciara O Meara, Medical Herbalist.

This website is intended to provide information about both my practice and the practice of Western Herbal Medicine. In addition to practicing herbal medicine full time for the last 8 years I am also a massage therapist, and a yoga teacher for the last 14 years.

Western Herbal medicine is a patient centred approach to health. The treatment is directed not just at the symptoms of illness, but also at the underlying factors.

A consultation involves a thorough case-history taking, and may involve taking blood pressure, listening to the lungs or other appropriate examinations.Further tests may be indicated at this point.

Medical reports and/or blood test will be interpreted. Medical Herbalists are trained to identify any potential interactions between orthodox (drugs) and herbal medicines and to know when a condition is best referred to a doctor or another therapist.

As a herbalist I regularly come accross very complex cases as many patients will have 'done the rounds' in trying to get to the bottom of thier health issues. This is where the in depth consultation covering nutrition and detailed medical history come into thier own. Often I will look at further specialist biological testing to get to the bottom of a problem, these test can often reveal a relatively simple solution based on both nutritional and herbal treatment of long standing health issues.

Treatment plans are a collaboration between the patient and the  therapist in achieveing a defined goal, this inevitably requires change, often these are dietary and/or lifestyle changes.

         "Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks
                                        of changing himself"

                                                                                    Leo Tolstoy

Herbal medicines have an excellent safety record in trained hands. When individually prescribed and combined by a trained medical herbalist they are more deeply effective than over-the-counter remedies.

I have appeared on 3 seasons of 'The Afternoon Show' on RTE1 television discussing herbal remedies and preparation of home-made medicines.

I have also contributed to radio shows on Today FM, 98 FM, Tipp FM on topics related to herbal medicine. I am available for talks and written contributions in the community please contact me via email or phone.

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